Soft Bird Feeding Tubes (Red Series) 5ml – 10ml – 15ml

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Natural latex smooth tubes are the right supplement to feed method to Parrots considering that very early ages. The exceptional diameters of the tubes make sure every species is fed withinside the maximum ok manner at every developing stage. The tubes of the pink collection are synthetic personally and feature a rounded end

Soft Bird Feeding Tubes

                       Soft Bird Feeding Tubes Price 150 USD

More Detail:

Psittacus Soft Feeding Tubes are the correct supplement for administering the hand feeding formulation to parrots from early ages. Their rounded tip permit the chicks to swallow them effectively and honestly voluntarily. Probing with a smooth tube is the most secure and cleanest approach of administering hand rearing formulation.

The distinctive diameters of Psittacus Soft Feeding Tubes can help you administer the method to the distinctive parrot species at every level of development. Thus, for example, for African Grey parrots the five ml tube is appropriate for providing early-age method chicks as much as 7 days. The 10 ml tube is for chicks up to fourteen days. The one in every of 20 ml is till four weeks of life. From the primary month of life, it’s far really helpful to apply the 50 ml tube. Using cockatiels as an example, the smooth tube for use while the feathers emerge (time while chicks are commonly eliminated from nest) is the ten ml one. Some days after, the 20 ml smooth tube might be extra useful.

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