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Psittacus Lory Special Hand Feeding – 1kg

Lory Special Hand Feeding

Condition: New Brand This product is meant for Hand-rearing chicks of the subfamily Loriinae taxonomic group from the instant that the feathers begin to emerge. It contains dried mallow flower and papaya, that promotes biological process transit.   More Details: Directions for use: it’s a continuation hand feeding formula. For …

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Breeding Aid

Psittacus Complements Calcium Grit Fine Of 2KG

US $150

Psittacus Complements Calcium Grit Fine Of 2KG Brand New Product This product may be a supplementary food for tiny birds of the family Psittacidae family (Cockatiel, lovebirds, Sun Conure, parakeets, etc.).It is employed to correct Ca deficiencies typical of seed mixtures and to hide the calcium demand throughout the birthing …

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HandFeeding Solution

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