Incubated in Inca 100 Incubator 4 Kg

Incubated in Inca 100 Incubator 4 Kg

Brand New Product

Leading edge technology of Inca 100 Incubator for victorious and productive breeding, designed particularly for parrots eggs incubation.

Input power: 210 – 230 volt
Power consumption: 40 watts
Weight: 4 Kg
Width: 430 mm
Length: 360 mm
Height: 200 mm
Capacity: about 20 African Gray eggs

Price 1600Pkr

Price 1600Pkr


Emulation of the natural heat, wetness ANd egg rolling conditions, combined with an elegant, convenient, easy-to-use style creates a extremely economical & save on energy product, appropriate for each breeder, skilled and amateur.

The incubators are well isolated and operational among an oversized vary of close temperatures; between 18-30 Degrees Anders Celsius


Exclusive Heat up Tool – Inca 100 Incubator an oversized surface heating-plate mounted on the incubator’s high and heats getting ready to the brooding mother’s temperature. The targeted fan inflicting the air to heat up and to descent equally on the eggs below.

Auto System of Egg-rolling – associate adjustable timer controls the egg-turning system;
a slippery conveyor with rigid metal wires. – The eggs lay between the wires, on the setup floor, thus the|and also the} conveyor’s movement inflicting the eggs to roll.
The areas between the wires are often adjusted consistent with the scale of the eggs.
This automatic egg-rolling system is completely safe for the hatching chicks and
therefore it saves the usage of a hatcher.

Managemen by Manual humidness – for achieving the simplest hatching results, an appropriate level of ratio is needed the least bit times and for that, a water instrumentation is placed within the incubator. humidness regulation is completed each few days by closing and gap the movable glass lid on the container’s perforated top. The clear container is simply removed for filling with water or for cleaning.

Humidity Temperature Meter – for adjusting and watching the ratio within the incubator.

most Visibility -sliding clear glass doors for convenient monitoring of the egg incubation process.
will be raised out simply for the aim of cleaning.

Soft Maintenance – the incubators, constructed out of rigid P.V.C, were designed for easy cleaning and optimal disinfection with no hidden spots for bacterial growth. Every part is accessible and can be quickly dismantled including the heating plate and the egg conveyor.

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