Birds Calcium Grit Fine Complements

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This product is a supplementary meals for small birds of the Psittacidae family (Cockatiel, lovebirds, Sun Conure, parakeets, etc.).It is used to accurate calcium deficiencies common of seed combinations and to cowl the calcium call for in the course of the laying stage. Birds degree themselves the consumption of calcium-wealthy ingredients in step with their needs.

Birds Calcium Grit Fine Complements

Birds Calcium Grit Fine Complements 150 USD

More Details:

Directions for use:

It ought to be furnished in a separate feeder freely available.The availability of calcium grit permits the voluntary consumption of calcium required for Psittacidae birds in each moment. As an inert food, if the form of feeder prevents it to get moist or dirty, it could stay there for weeks with out being damaged.

Daily consumption:

The voluntary eat of calcium grit relies upon at the calcium deficiency of the ingest food regimen in each moment. The diets primarily based totally on seed combos require a ordinary consumption of calcium grit. Contrary, if the food regimen is primarily based totally at the whole feed (PSITTACUS Micro or Mini formulas), its use ought to be sporadic. In each cases, its intake will increase considerably on the time of egg laying. As a guide, average intake varies among zero and a most of 2% of the food regimen.


Oyster shell, calcium carbonate Analytical components Moisture %, Crude protein %, Crude oils and fat %, Crude fibres %, Crude ash 95.5 %, Calcium 45.6 %

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